Hi! I am Joel Esli. Most people call me Joel (Jo-el). I have been a product manager in many projects since 2006. In this job, throughout the years, the one thing that distinguishes my work is that I bring clarity and simplicity to complicated business and technical problems. It helps that I am also an iOS and Web developer.

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I have helped teams develop products for billion Euro companies like Springer Nature, Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Bahn, for million Euro Companies like the Yellow Pages, Mook Group and Darmstädter Echo and for companies getting off the ground like BHC Properties, Candylabs and Smart Tools.  

No matter the size, the problem to be solved is very similar – what is the story behind your product and how do you share that story with your entire team, users and stakeholders. How do you get everyone on the same page, talking about the same thing, in the same language? How do you get everyone solving the same problem and working towards the same solution?

Common and shared understanding, that’s what you need in complex projects and that’s what I help establish. Most information technology and digital projects lack this, people feel lost and progress is not made. It’s what causes big and sometimes irreparable surprises.

If you know what I am talking about and want to avoid this situation in your next project or want to get an existing project out of this situation, get in touch. If you are starting your first project and you want to avoid the pitfall that most digital projects suffer from, get in touch

I can’t wait to hear about your project.