The challenge for the enterprise blockchain

Blockchain nodes connect and gossip with each other.
Blockchain nodes connect and gossip with each other. Redundancy leads to a robust system, and perhaps higher requirements on the network. Photo by Clint Adair on Unsplash

Blockchain technology can help the C-suite implement robust digital systems that reduce fraud and increase data reliability. But preventing scandals is secondary to meeting revenue and EBIT targets. With enterprises still busy switching from paper to bytes (read digitization), the enterprise blockchain can use this phase to polish its technology and demonstrate its value added.

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Three steps to getting user stories right

The user story is a great way to put yourself in the “user” seat and do a reality check for whether what you are planning to build is something the “user” really needs or wants. The user story formula goes

As a [user description]
I [want, need, wish] to [some goal]
so that [some benefit].

Though this formula appears simple, I often see it applied in the wrong way.

Post its on the wall.

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How to win a hackathon

A hackathon is to coding what a marathon is to running. Hackathons bring together coders and designers to work on a problem, or challenge, and produce some result, usually presented in a pitch slam at the end of the event. I have completed three different hackathons with three different teams and won a total of four prizes with them. This post is about how my teams did it.

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Designing a cohesive brand experience

In a small business, it is often the case that a single employee can play a critical role in boosting (or sinking) the business’s brand. And so it is important that at every touchpoint a potential customer receives a consistent message. In today’s world we focus a lot on the digital realm but I want to explain how to do this across both the digital and analog worlds in a way that showcases a business’s values.

efoxx Hair logo
fox Hair salon façade.

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