Three steps to getting user stories right

The user story is a great way to put yourself in the “user” seat and do a reality check for whether what you are planning to build is something the “user” really needs or wants. The user story formula goes

As a [user description]
I [want, need, wish] to [some goal]
so that [some benefit].

Though this formula appears simple, I often see it applied in the wrong way.

Post its on the wall.

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How to win a hackathon

A hackathon is to coding what a marathon is to running. Hackathons bring together coders and designers to work on a problem, or challenge, and produce some result, usually presented in a pitch slam at the end of the event. I have completed three different hackathons with three different teams and won a total of four prizes with them. This post is about how my teams did it.

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Designing a cohesive brand experience

In a small business, it is often the case that a single employee can play a critical role in boosting (or sinking) the business’s brand. And so it is important that at every touchpoint a potential customer receives a consistent message. In today’s world we focus a lot on the digital realm but I want to explain how to do this across both the digital and analog worlds in a way that showcases a business’s values.

efoxx Hair logo
fox Hair salon façade.

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